When was the last time you got the one on one attention you need when it comes to your health and fitness goals?

Let’s think about this for a second. Probably never.

The majority of us do not invest the time nor the money to get the professional help from a personal trainer or health coach.

Because there is this AMAZING new thing called Google, right?



While Google has definitely changed the way we get information it can sometimes cause information paralysis.

Information Paralysis:

When one is bombarded with a ton of information all at once and cannot figure out what to follow or not follow causing you get stuck in a state of paralysis.

This is where I come in

I lost 55 Pounds

Let me help you lose the extra weight too <3

I help you sift through all the mis-information out there so you can stop wasting time and energy trying things that just don’t help you burn the fat, lose the weight, or tone your body …

>> How many times have you made the New Year’s Resolution to “Get Healthy or Lose the weight”?

>> How many times have you tried to get in shape for summer only to have summer roll around and you still sporting your cover up at the beach?

>> How many times have you gone on a diet and quit after 2 weeks because it was hard, you got bored, or a party rolled around and you wanted to eat?

It’s not your fault … You’re just being human.

We are programed to move towards pleasure (that yummy piece of cake) and away from pain (spending hours running on a treadmill to burn a measly 300 calories) …

If it’s too hard, you won’t do it. It’s simple as that …

I don’t believe in complicated recipes, long exhausting workouts, drinking green smoothies all day everyday, counting calories, starving yourself, or spending hours in the gym.

I believe life is meant to be enjoyed and if you’re always on a “diet” you’re not enjoying all the goodness life has to offer. Who wants to live a life almost lived?

Why One on One coaching?

How many times have you told your friends and family you were on a diet and not eating?

How many times have they still tried to force you to “enjoy yourself” “eat a little” “Drink a little”?

Do they make you feel bad or guilty for being on a diet and not wanting to eat their yummy, high carb, high calorie, high sugar, high fat foods?

Yep … I totally get it …

Trying to get lean and healthy is hard when no one is in your corner.

It seems like once you start watching what you eat and trying to exercise everyone is secretly rooting for you to fail.

Well … There is a light at the end of the tunnel …


Here is what’s Included:

Fitness & Nutrition

A simple, easy to follow customized fitness and nutrition program based on your needs, wants, likes, and goals.

Meal Plans Recipes

Meal Plans & Recipes so you know what to eat and when to eat it.

Access to a Professional

Access and Support from a Certified Fitness Trainer, Health & Lifestyle Coach who is here for you to ask all your questions, assess your process, and tweak the program so you get REAL results.

Accountability Checks Progress Reports

Accountability – A professional who is checking in on and measuring your progress to make sure you stay on track with your goals.

Mind Body Makeover

A Total Mind Body Makeover so you can feel sexy from the inside out.

Supportive Partner

A Coach and a Friend who is personally invested in your success and wellbeing.

Welcome Packet Orientation Forms

Welcome Packet & Orientation Materials to jumpstart your success.

Membership Course Access

Access to the private membership site which is full of step-by-step training, tutorials, & PDF materials to keep you organized, focused, & moving towards slaying your health.

60 Minute Intro Session

A 60-minute Intro Session where we will deep dive into your personal goals & BIG VISION to map out your solid personalized plan.

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Bi-weekly coaching calls to be used during our time together (calls are recorded for you to revisit at any time)

Food Fitness Tracking

Log and Track your food and workouts using my custom branded app.

Advice & Email Support

Motivational advice and email support between sessions so you keep your motivation on overdrive…

It takes one to know one

I know exactly what it feels like to have to haul around dead weight because I’ve carried it myself. I know what it feels like to be judged as the fat one everywhere you go because I’ve felt it. I know what it feels like to have to find the willpower to keep fighting those cravings when all you want to do is eat. I know what it’s like spending hours in the gym doing cardio and those weird-ass weight machines 5 times a week but never see any results.

 Everyday is a struggle when you are living in a body you don’t even recognize, I get it … But I’m living breathing proof that it is possible to burn the fat and lose the weight with the right plan and good old determination.

So are you ready to burn fat, boost your confidence, and slay your health?

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