Obesity is the cause of hormone imbalance. As long as insulin is high in the blood, YOU CANNOT BURN FAT. In order to lower your insulin levels, you need to stop eating so much of the wrong foods (processed carbs) too often. When we fast, we are allowing our bodies to tap into our stored body fat to burn for energy.


The Snake Diet is a fasting focused lifestyle founded by Cole Robinson that promotes proactive eating. You fast on water and snake juice (recipe below) for all long as you can (provided you have a lot of body fat and weight to lose). When eating you are limited to a 1-2 hour eating window and then you resume fasting again. There isn’t a specific duration to fast but as a rule of thumb, if you feel horrible (beyond the initial discomforts of hunger pangs) you should end your fast with a ketogenic type meal and resume fasting.

Sodium Cloride

Sodium chloride is essential to maintain the electrolyte balance of fluids in a person’s body. If levels of electrolytes become too low or too high, a person can become dehydrated or over hydrated.

Potassium Cloride

Potassium is a major mineral (electrolyte) that is important for the function of every cell in the body. Potassium is essential for the function of the heart, muscles, kidneys, nerves, and digestive system. 


Snake Juice is an electrolyte replenishing drink that is completely natural, safe, effective, and won’t cost an arm and a leg.


Water  |   1-2L
Potassium chloride   |  1 tsp (No Salt)
Sodium chloride  |  1/2 tsp (Himalayan Pink Salt)

Lemon Juice | Half a Lemon (fresh squeezed Juice) (This is optional but does help improve taste).


Sodium Bicarbonate  |  1 tsp (Baking Soda) (Drink After Breaking your Fast to Improve Kidney Function)
Magnesium Sulphate  |  1/2 tsp (Food Grade Epsom Salts) (For muscle Recovery, and several other bodily functions)


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Foods to Eat


□ Less than 50 grams of net carbs per day but better below 20 grams
 Most of the carbs should come from non-starchy vegetables
 Green, fibrous vegetables are your best choices, but many other low carb vegetables are fine
 Always accompany a carb with either a fat or a protein

Foods to AVOID


□ Avoid Breads, Pasta, Cakes, Cookies, Chips, Candy, Crackers, Rice etc.
 Avoid Starchy Vegetables such as potatoes
 Conventional Meats (farmed fish, feed lot meats/non-grassfed/grass finished sources)
 Stay away from juices, energy drinks, alcohol, soda, water enhancers, etc.


To maintain your results, it is essential that you continue to practice fasting. A good protocol to stick to is eating every 48-72 hours. For example, have a large breakfast on Monday, Fast for the rest of the day, Fast all day Tuesday, and Eat again Wednesday Morning or Thursday Morning. When you eat, you should continue to eat a Ketogenic diet, at least while you are still trying to lose weight/burn fat. Sticking to a Ketogenic Diet after your extended fast, will keep your body primed for fat loss by continuing it to burn fat as its main source of fuel. 

Remember carbohydrates and such will spike your insulin and as long as insulin is high in your blood, you cannot burn fat. You can only burn fat when insulin is low, so to keep insulin low, minimize carbs and sugar as much as possible. The only exception would be when lifting weights or trying to build muscle. If this is your goal, you will need insulin spikes in order to allow glucose to enter your muscles and allow them to grow; however, to get the best from your higher carb meal, it is best to workout the day after your high carb meal so your muscle glycogen will be replenished allow you to push through your workout and damage and repair muscle fibers so they can grow stronger.

I’m Currently taking a 5:2 Fasting Challenge!

For 30 Days I am Fasting Monday – Friday (5 Days) and having 1 small refeed meals (Keto Style) on Saturdays and Sundays.

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